|||Department Of Human Services Is EATING My Baby – ASK ME WHY|||

My name is Robert Brooks Authement. I am a proud, 31 year old father of the most wonderful, bright, and beautiful little girl the world has ever offered. Her name is Coral Rose Authement-Bianchi.

This is what she looks like:

Coral Rose Bud Lil Rosebud

Just over one year ago, in December of 2013, I received a call from the Department of Human Services informing me that Coral and her mother, Aliza Bianchi, were found at a bus stop near the Foothills Fashion Mall in Fort Collins, Colorado. Aliza and I had been separated for two years, during which time I served a sixteen month sentence in Larimer County Jail for domestic violence and probation violation. I am telling you this immediately to show transparency in my cause, but please, read on.

Aliza was unconscious. Coral’s shoes were missing and her socks were wet. Police reported at the time of interception that the temperature outside was ZERO degrees F. Needles (syringes) and an electric stun-gun weapon were found in Coral’s babybag. As shocking as this seems, it did not come as a surprise to me, because an old friend reported to me that he had used opiates with Aliza and saw that she had “boatloads” of money and that she would bring Coral with her on the bus, to and from Denver to pick up her heroin. Here is a picture of Coral and Aliza from that trip. The friend who provided the information provided the photographs.


I have a history with heroin use, and used with Aliza during our relationship before Coral was conceived. Aliza and I had a tumultuous relationship at best, and would frequently fight. At one point she stabbed me in the leg with a knife, and I would retaliate physically. I’m not saying it’s ok, but it was our dynamic at the time. Again, I am stating this now to demonstrate transparency, to “show all.”

Having heard the report from my friend, I became infuriated and called the Larimer County Department of Human Services to report negligence and abuse. I knew that Coral was being breastfed by her mother, and this was of great concern to me, not to mention the fact that Aliza would often obtain her dope money by performing illegal sex work to the effect of “sensual massage.” Coral was left in the care of a babysitter during her “work,” and the babysitter was paid $40 for her troubles, informing me that Aliza walked away from an hour of “work” with the remainder of $150. I have vowed to protect the sources which offered me this information, so for the sake of objectivity, take it with a grain of salt.

The Department instructed me to call back within 24 hours to notify me if they had opened a case. I did so, and they told me that they had NOT opened a case, flaunting what I consider to be perfectly good information provided to them on my part. So, no, I was not surprised to receive this call whatsoever. I was, however, deeply pleased to hear that the Department wanted to place Coral with myself and my father, with whom I reside. It would be the first time I had seen her in a year and a half.

For five blessed days, my father and I possessed Coral, though she remained in the custody of the state. During which time nothing adverse whatsoever occurred. We played around the house and I learned how to get her to cooperate with diaper changes and other general fatherly stuff. Those halcyon days are long gone due to the malfeasance and injustice grossly committed by the Department of Human Services, which I shall detail below.


Coral was removed from our placement, citing the possibility of an old protection order in place between the mother and myself which potentially had over-arching ruling upon my daughter. I knew for a FACT that the order was vacated (expired), in that I had served my time in jail with due diligence for my crimes. NEVER was Coral a victim of my crimes, only her mother. It came about, finally in family court later that year that there was in fact NO protection order in place. For emphasis, let me reiterate: there was no restraining order.

At the time of removal from our home I became familiar with a certain Maggie Brooks, a veritable juggernaut and deeply empowered caseworker within the Department. She would take over the Authement-Bianchi case. Since then many interesting things have happened, too numerous to list here, though I shall briefly enumerate some of her discrepant procedural actions.

I was, admittedly, using marijuana and alcohol recreationally as allowed by the State of Colorado. I was no longer “on paper” or under any jurisdiction or court rulings. It was decided that I was a safe father by the Department. Then came about a treatment plan, which I signed with the eagerness of a father freshly reunited with his precious daughter in order to comply with the Department’s orders. This was the biggest mistake of my life–because it became clear after a short amount of time that compliance would not yield any results under Ms. Brooks’ watchful eye and libelous pen.

What first drew my attention to the extreme overreach of the Department in regards to their blatant maljustice came about when I was informed that Maggie Brooks would recommend to the CRIMINAL court in which Aliza was, rightfully, being tried for child abuse, that NO protection order be put in place between the perpetrator and the victim. In other words, it is standard operating procedure in cases of abuse to place a protective order between the father or mother (whoever so committed the crime) and the child. This ensures the safety and well-being of the abused victim, supposedly. However, it was in Maggie Brooks’ wise counsel that this aspect of justice WOULD NOT be carried out, while further injustices would be committed against myself–Coral’s father–in the ongoing family court.

Julie Yates, guardian ad litem (a mythical beast produced by the courts to “protect” the child), and Arthur Spicciati were complicit in Maggie Brooks’ actions–showing clearly that their main interest lie not with the best interests of my baby, but with getting an increasingly bitter case off their desks as soon as possible. By hook or by CROOK.

Maggie lied about the levels of THC in my system in June of 2014. She frequently told me things privately and recanted them publicly, causing me to look like a liar and tool in front of the families and attorneys. She did not tell me that the maternal grandmother would be taking Coral out of the state to visit relatives. She informed me, in the beginning, that while the original MISTAKE regarding the expired and vacated protection order were sorted out in court, that Coral would be again placed with myself and my father to take care of her and love her the way a family should.

But it was too late, I had signed their treatment plan and we would never see Coral without supervision again.


This wonderful photograph was taken by a close family friend, who is a lead staff member at Colorado State University. She would be required to be present with Coral when I was around, and my visits were limited to four hours twice a week! I was not the perpetrator in this case, why would such limits be in place, when it was originally acceptable for Coral to be placed with us full-time at the onset of the incident?

I would never get the opportunity to utilize the full time allotted me due to the logistics of a busy professional, who out of the kindness of her heart shared more time than should be humanly required of anyone, even leaving work so I could spend wonderful moments with my daughter like this. The tears flow freely from my eyes I type these words. I’m so damn mad.

Why shouldn’t my father alone by adequate supervision? Although aged, he was a trauma doctor with licenses in Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, and Louisiana. He has held people’s hearts in his hands and saved countless lives. He has delivered babies into this world. Why wouldn’t such a paragon of virtue and righteousness not be allowed to observe his delinquent son learn to become the father he so deserved to become? WHY?


Last but certainly not least, and as a matter of fact at the forefront of my argument, the very catalyst which inspired me to face the demons of my past crimes and speak out to the world in general and Larimer County specifically about a grosser and larger crime being perpetrated nationwide by the Department of Human Services/Child Protective Services [for reference please visit: How Child Protective Services Buys & Sells Our Children -or- Why CPS Kidnaps Children – It’s The Money, Of Course!].

So I went to court, ready to face the music and demand more time with my daughter. I was cross-examined for THREE HOURS in what was the most trying–and yet most necessary–ordeal of my entire life. This was to address the malfeasance and lies perpetuated by Maggie Brooks and the Department, and to explain why I should be ALLOWED to be a father to my daughter. What should have been handled in a three hour period of time stretched on to take three separate dates stretching the better part of 90 days.

I won! Go figure. The judge, Magistrate Carolyn Pannell of courtroom 2A stated that it “was in the best interest of Coral Rose to spend more time with her father.” Finally! JUSTICE!

Psyche. The mother has refused to make Coral available for the two four hour time slots allotted me (read: punitive victory), and there is indeed NO enforcement mechanism in place to “make her” comply. Presently, Aliza has Coral in her possession unsupervised and overnight for five days of the week–the same mother who is responsible for there being HEROIN & COCAINE positive in my daughter’s hair follicle tests last December!

This order was passed on November 13th, 2014, ensuring I would spend the eight hours per week with my daughter, then after six weeks negative THC in my UA’s (as ordered by Magistrate Pannell), I would receive another eight hour day with my daughter–including staying overnight.

I write this on December 10th, 2014. And so far, we’ve enjoyed ONLY two magical, angelic visits with my incredible and worthwhile daughter, the light of my life and fire in my eye, Coral Rose Authement-Bianchi.

Coral Rose deserves to have a Daddy, and I deserve to have a daughter. Help me SAVE CORAL. Please tweet this article, post links, make some noise. Write to the paper. Stand with me on the street. Please if you’ve read this far do one last service and SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, even if you don’t agree with me, just please let’s bring some attention to this cause, and by God may justice be done!


Thank you. ~~~%@